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KokanWorld truly connecting kokanisI am proud of KW Team for connecting all the kokani brothers and sisters all over the globe.
May Allah shower special blessing always and grant success to this portal as well prosperity to the Founder of this Team.
Please appoint some effective representative to UK for contacting all kokanis in the UK.
Posted By :USMAN KARIM HAJWANE , United Kingdom On 17/07/2010 01:46:04
Request about my native placePlease upload pictures of my native place Mahad,especially our Quddusia masjid, Sultan Jama masjid, Gandhari ground etc.
Thanx to all KokanWorld team members for making this site.
Posted By :Khaje Hafiz Raees Ahmed Mehmood , India On 15/07/2010 23:28:21
Alibag pics

May i request you to upload some pictures of Alibag the capital of Raigad district.

Please do the needful as early as possible.

Posted By :Ammar Mandlekar , India On 15/07/2010 21:23:18
We do not want lungi news of Weekly Urdu

We want news about progress in our Kokan 4 districts as well as Mumbai. We love our country and our people.
We want news about Educational institutions and their progress. We want news about our villages etc.

Pls keep going, you are doing wonderful job KW team.

Posted By :USMAN KARIM HAJWANE , United Kingdom On 15/07/2010 19:23:05
If you want Kokankiawaz, then you read it weekly brotherMr Abdullah Ukay should not compare this great website with Kokankiawaz and other local news papers.
KokanWorld is full of information if he know how to read it. The so called Urdu news paper issued only once in a week and Kokanworld is updated almost every day.
If this guy needs Kokani gossips let him call his home everyday to get the news.
Great job done by KW team, keep it up.

Thans for all your efforts free of charge.
Posted By :USMAN KARIM HAJWANE , United Kingdom On 15/07/2010 19:19:52
AssalamalaikumSpecial thanx to all members of KW team. Posted By :Abdul Salam Karjikar , United Kingdom On 15/07/2010 16:55:15

Please have a look on below mentioned link for heart touching Bayaanat from Aqaabreen Hazraat like Maulana Younus Sahab RA(Poona Wale) and many more -

ALLAH TA'ALA kahne sunne se zyada amal karne ke taufiq ataa farmae. Ameen.
Posted By :Imran Abdul Majid Solkar , India On 15/07/2010 16:16:23
Kokan News?Dear Moderators, Assalam Alaikum,
Glad to see konkan going online. Thank you very much for your good effort.
I have a complaint! you are posting only selected news from konkan & not all. I would suggest you to atleast translate "Kokan Ki Awaz" (or any other Marathi newspapers which have news from konkan) in English & post it on the website as we don't have the same online.
JazakAllah Khair.
Posted By :Abdullah Ukaye , Kuwait On 15/07/2010 12:19:45
Wedding CongratulationSlm my dear friend Imran Iqbal Shaikh,
Many many congratulation to you,may Allah fulfil your dreams & desires & keep you happy with ur new family.dher saare bachche paida karna.

Your friend,
Hafiz Raees Ahmed Mehmood Khaje,
Posted By :Khaje Hafiz Raees Ahmed Mehmood , India On 14/07/2010 23:46:24
MessegeKokan ke rehne wale mere musalman bhaiwo,hamara apasi itihad hi hamare kaam aayega,aaj ka mahol kitna kharab hai ye hamare saamne hai,is liye meri aapse guzarish hai ke hum apni ek community banaye,hamare masaailo ka hal hum apne se hi hal kare,shaban ka mahina start hai,dua me yaad karna,tumhara bhai..

Hafiz Raees Ahmed,
Posted By :Khaje Hafiz Raees Ahmed Mehmood , India On 12/07/2010 23:14:34
Useful Information Site for Health Diseases their symptons, ailments etc..This site is very informative, which ever diseases you click-upon (I wish you don't have one),it gives you the video explanation !!!!

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Posted By :Faheem Yaqub Rawoot , United Arab Emirates On 12/07/2010 15:26:22
Thank you for launching FREE COMMERCIAL MESSAGESIts great to know that within few hours you have already installed secotion for FREE COMMERCIAL MESSAGES.
I wish your portal will progress very quickly, I advice all kokani brothers and sisters to list their commercial messages in this section freee of charges.
You must charge people for listing in future.
Posted By :USMAN KARIM HAJWANE , United Kingdom On 11/07/2010 18:57:31
Happy Birthday Director Sameer GhansarMany many happy returns of the day Director of Kokanworld Mr Sameer Ghansar. Wish you all the best for your Kuwait trip on behalf of Kokanworld.

Posted By :Ammar Mandlekar , India On 11/07/2010 18:08:25
Happy Birthday to Sameer BhaiSmiles and laughter, joy and cheer
New happiness that stays throughout the year.
Hope your birthday brings all these and more.
Filling life with surprise and joys galore!

Many Many Happy returns of the day..
Posted By :Muhammed Abdul Khaliq , United Arab Emirates On 11/07/2010 16:51:49
Commercial Messages for buying selling I would request you to start with information of market for buying selling materials, real estate among kokanis.

Proud to be kokani.
Posted By :USMAN KARIM HAJWANE , United Kingdom On 11/07/2010 11:12:07
PROUD TO BE INDIAN PROUD TO BE KOKANII would like to congratulate Mr Qamaruddin Mandlekar for all his efforts to make this dream come true (community portal for kokanis around the world) great job done. I would request all the kokani around the globe to help this young hero to connect the community.

I like your website because you cover those news which are not covered by any so called kokani news paper or magezines. They keep praising themselves always.

We are always ready to support you.
May ALLAH bless you
Posted By :USMAN KARIM HAJWANE , United Kingdom On 11/07/2010 11:09:18
EventsHadith of The dayHazrat Ibn Umer Radi allaho anho se rivayat hai ki Rasoollallah Sallallaho Alaihey wasallam ne farmaya Islam ki Bunyad paanch cheezo per hai
1) Is baat ki ( Sadq dil se ) gawahi dena ke Allah ke siwa koi mabood nahi aur Mohmmed Sallallaho Alaihey wasallam allah ke Bande aur rasool hai.
2) Namza kayam karna
3) zakat ada karna
4)Hajj karna
5)Ramzan ke roze rakna.
(Bukhari wa Muslim)
Posted By :Muzammil Umer Kondwilkar , Qatar On 10/07/2010 14:25:05
Mr.Hidayatullaha Mohsin Shekhani expired at Murud Janjira. Mr.Hidayatullaha Mohsin Shekhani brother in law of Late Salim Damad expired at Murud Janjira on 07-07-2010.Funeral took place on same day at 4-30 P.M. after Namaz-e- Asar.May Allah give him buland mukam in Jannatul Firdous,and saber to all Family. Posted By :FAIQ AZIM SAYEED FOUJDAR , India On 09/07/2010 22:02:37

Posted By :Ibrahim Yunus Bandarkar , Kuwait On 09/07/2010 18:59:45
Required Land (Zameen/Old House) Room in Mumbai-Dongri AreaAssalamualaikum,

If anyone intrested to sell his Land/Old House in Dahiwali,Kond,Morba,Goregaon,Mangaon area or Room in Mumbai (Dongri Area) then please contact me on # 00965-60091230 or email me on
Posted By :Ibrahim Yunus Bandarkar , Kuwait On 09/07/2010 18:55:01