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Statistics : -

  • Head Quarters : Alibaugh
  • Area : 7,152 Sq. km. (2,760 sq mi)
  • Climate : Maximum - 40.4 C Mimimum - 16.1 C.
  • Average Annual Precipitation : 388 cm
  • Population : 22, 05,972 (CENSUS - 2001)
  • Population density : 308.89 /km2 (800/sq mi)
  • Urban population : 24.2%
  • Literacy : 77% (Men : 86.1%, Women 67.7%)
  • Sex ration : 976
  • Grampanchayats : 821
  • Total Villages : 1919


Alibag , Karjat , Khalapur , Mahad ,Mangaon ,Mhasala , Murud ,Panvel , Pen , Poladpur , Roha , Shrivardhan , Sudhagadh , Tala , Uran

Lok Sabha Constituencies

1. Maval (shared with Pune district),

2. Raigad (shared with Ratnagiri district)

Major highways

NH-4, NH-17


Alibaug :Alibaug Beach, Alibaug Fort, Birla Krishna Mandir

Murud : Janzira Fort, Danda Rajapuri, Kashid Beach

Uran : Nagaon Beach, Rewas Bandar (port)

Karjat : Matheran, Rajmachi fort, Visapur Fort, Khandas (way to Bhimashankar, Jotirling), Sidhagad, Machindra gad, Ahupe Ghat, Narivali Ghat, Peth Fort

Khalapur : Karnala Fort, Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Mangaon : Ghosalgad, Mangad, Mulshi Ghat

Sudhagad : Ballaleshwar (Ganesh) Mandir- Pali, Varad Vinayak (Ganesh) Mandir- Mahad, Sudhagad Fort, Forest inn - Jambhulpada

Mahad : Raigad Fort, Lingana Fort, Pachad, Sandoshi, Kawlya-Javlya Ghat, Nate (village of C. D. Deshmukh 1st Governor of India)

Shrivardhan : Harihareshwar Temple, Shrivardhan, DiveAagar, Bankot fort

Poladpur : Ambenali Ghat, Shivthar Ghat, Pratap Gadh, Umrath

History : -

Raigad is one of the 35 districts in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is one of the 4 districts in the Kokan region.

The district was called Kolaba or Kulaba during British rule, a name that is derived from it ancient form, and which means the "Land of the Koli". The Koli are a fisherman community.

The district was called Kulaba or Kolaba during and also after the British Raj ended. It was only during late 1970's that it was renamed Raigad, after Rai-gad, the fort with the same name and former capital of the Maratha leader Shivaji. Raigad fort is located in the southern part of the district near Mahad, in the interior forests of the district, on a west-facing spur of the Western Ghats or Sahyadri mountain range.

Alibag a costal town (quite big now) is it’s headquarter since it was Kulaba & also now that it has become Raigad.

The fort of Murud was being built by minor Koli chieftains as part of their defense against piracy when, by a stratagem, Siddis (African Muslims from Somalia), slaves and employees of the Bahamani Sultanate, seized it and made it their headquarters.

The tiny Muslim state of Murud-Janjira withstood attempts by many local powers, such as the Portuguese, English, Marathas, etc. to seize it but was never conquered. It allied at different times with different powers, often with the Mughal Empire and thrived off piracy. The Siddis even attempted to seize Mumbai from England, and actually succeeded in overwhelming the English force but were driven out by a militia organized by a Parsi settler from among the natives who had emigrated from Surat. Finally, it entered the system of subsidiary alliance with Britain, becoming a princely state of British India, in which condition it remained until 1947, when it acceded to newly-independent India.

The district is bounded by Mumbai Harbour to the northwest, Thane District to the north, Pune District to the east, Ratnagiri District to the south, and the Arabian Sea to the west. It includes the large natural harbor of Pen-Mandwa, which is immediately south of Mumbai Harbour, and forming a single landform with it. Part of the district is included in the planned metropolis of Navi Mumbai, and its port, the Jawaharlal Nehru Port.

The district includes Kashid and Kihim beaches, besides the towns of Karjat. Mahad, Panvel Khopoli, Khalapur, New Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Uran, Patalganga, Rasayani, Nagothane, Alibag & Pen.