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Ferry Services to commence between Ratnagiri and Guhagar

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Shringartali - Jaigad creek will see the launch of Ferry services between Ratnagiri and Guhagar before Diwali.

Dr. Chandrakant Mokal - Ex-MLA from Dapoli informed the press about commencement of this service and said that this service will help reduce the distance between these two places by 20 kms. as compared to road transport.

Dr. Mokal insisted that waterways are very important in Kokan region; many talukas seem far away due to the Topography of the region but can be easily connected through waterways to bring them closer.

Dr. Mokal was inspired by the waterways services in Goa and Kerala and had requested the government many times to start such services in Dabhol creek to connect Dapoli and Guhagar and was successful in getting some support for the cause hence resulting in Ferry boat services between Dapoli and Guhagar thus reducing the distance between these two talukas.

He further added that the inauguration of ferry services in Dabhol creek was done 8 years ago, since then daily 1,370 passengers are taking the benefit of this service.

Similarly he was successful in his efforts to connect the two districts of Raigad and Ratnagiri through Ferry services running in Bankot creek, connecting tourists to famous tourist spots like Shriwardhan and HariHareshwar.

Once the services are started the distance between Ratnagiri and Guhagar will be a mere 74kms. – a reduction of 20kms if you travel by road, thus connecting the villages from Tavsal to Jaigad.

The waterways are a special attraction for tourists; hence this service will be started before Diwali.

Additionally, Mr. Bhaskar Jadhav – Guardian Minister of Ratnagiri, is personally taking care for the development of Kokan ports, hence within a short span the region will have a real face-lift and soon become a favorite tourist destination.

Benefits of this Ferry service are enumerated as:

Ratnagiri and Guhagar distance will be reduced to 74kms.

20kms. reduction of distance compared to roadways

Estimated 5 Lakh commuters will use this Ferry service per year.

Shortest route joining two high potential Tourist destinations.


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